Google Maps just added a Webcams layer, which updates locations with live views from webcams in the area. Somebody better tell those villagers to get their pitch forks out again, because here comes another privacy protest.

Google Street View sparked outrage when it rolled out in the UK last month, but the newest option, Google Maps Webcams, could trigger privacy concerns and angry mobs all over again.

Hit the ‘More’ option while viewing a location on Google Maps and you’ll see an option to show webcams. Tiles of public webcams streaming from will spring up across the map, so you’ll be able to see up to date snapshots of Oxford city centre, the London skyline, or even Streatham High Road, strangely.

Google Maps Webcams only works with webcams synced to the website, so don’t worry, your Skype video chats won’t be posted online for the world to see. There are only a handful in the UK at the moment, but if this takes off it could prove a useful backup tool for the Google Maps Traffic layer before your morning commute. Google Maps Webcams is ready to be flicked on now, so check it out for yourself.

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  • Claudia

    I hate to break this to you but the webcam layer has already been available in Google Earth for some time now. Not only that but probably the majority of the webcams are of harbours, busy streets, bars and few if any have high enough resolution that any person is recognizable. Additionally, many of the cams originate from other websites such as official city sites, those for hotels, tourism sites, etc.

    So, calm down and check out the webcams, and you’ll see there is little to fear from them.

  • James Holland

    Ah, that’s the difference between Google Earth and Google Maps. Google Earth has tons of layers available, but I doubt many people actually use it for more than a high-tech mooch around the globe. Putting webcam access on Google Maps means millions will see it every day, as they tap in directions to meetings etc. It’s going to get a lot more exposure… and probably hit the headlines once the scaremongers see it.

  • Rogers

    Other one live webcam directory faster…

  • Phil Bridges

    I feel a spot on “mooning” coming on…..

  • Alexis


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