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Electric car discounts of up to £5,000 are set to be offered by the Government in a bid to get us tootling around town on greener wheels.

Transport secretary Geoff Hoon and business secretary Lord Mandelson are to announce a new £250m initiative today to get motorists out of gas guzzlers and into a cleaner electric car, as part of a plan to cut CO2 emissions by 26% by 2020.

Hoon said that the £5,000 electric car discount would apply only to cars that ran on ‘leccy all or most of the time, and will come into operation in 2011.

“Given that 60% of journeys by car are under 25 miles, there’s no reason why someone using a car for commuting on a regular basis will not be able to charge up their car at home, take it to work and come home again well within the distance an electric vehicle should be able to travel,” said Hoon.

And right he is too. The infrastructure is already on the way with charging stations coming to replace petrol pumps in London, and even a Smart car that’s powered by mains electricity in the works.

As part of the new initiative, the Government also plans to offer £20m to key cities and regions to help with the change.

Worried you’ll look like a tool rolling down the high street in an electric car? You needn’t be. That government discount could save you money on everything from a BMW Mini-E to the Tesla S, with a massive touchscreen computer shoved into the dash too.

Of course, an electric car still causes carbon emissions by way of the power station that’s providing the juice, but you could meet the Government half way and hold out for a solar powered Lotus Eco Elise instead, even if you’ll probably need a spot of global warming sunshine before it can suck up enough sun in the UK.

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  • Simon

    Coincidence that Tesla motors just opened a store here? Methinks not…

  • Ben Sillis

    What are you trying to say about Comrade Mandelson, eh?

  • Carl Barron

    Why should anyone wish to buy a Battery Driven Car when you can already purchase a car from France that runs on ‘FRESH AIR’? No it’s no windup just see the BBC Video for some facts.

    Batteries are not environmentally Friendly also they are heavy and cost a lot to replace.

    Here’s the link:

    Carl Barron
    Chairman of agpcuk
    Action Group for the Protection of Communities UK

  • drewandy

    So now we need two cars!

    Duracell powered for work and shopping.

    And a big juicy V8 for holidays and trips to the coast.

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