The BlackBerry Storm was a bit of a disappointment, but RIM seem oddly nonchalant about it. First one CEO tells us that duff smartphone software is ‘the new reality’, now his co-boss is chipping in to lower expectations even further.

With the BlackBerry Storm failing to impress reviewers and consumers alike, you might expect the CEOs of BlackBerry manufacturers RIM to go into damage limitation mode and issue fixes, then start talking up how great the device actually is.

Or they could just shrug and tell us that “nobody gets it perfect out the door”, which is what co-CEO of RIM Mike Lazaridis did in an interview with Laptop Mag.

Responding to criticism of his colleague’s ‘New reality’ gaffe, Lazaridis said “ I think that it’s unfair. That’s our first touch product, and you know nobody gets it perfect out the door. You know other companies were having problems with their first releases.”

To be fair to Lazaridis, he did manage to rally and get a few digs in at Apple’s initial lack of Push email and multi-tasking – although he was careful not to dwell on the fact that Apple’s ‘touch product’, while not perfect by any means, was considerably closer to the ideal than the Storm.

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