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The Zune HD will be coming to the UK, and it’ll be packing an OLED screen, just like the Sony X Series Walkman. At least, that’s what the latest murmurs rolling across the Microsoft rumourscape say.

Has Microsoft got a genuine iPod beater in the pipeline? Read on for the speculatory specs and see for yourself.

Windows Mobile fansite wmuser has some new rumours about the Zune HD, as well as a new shot of the device to sweeten the deal. Its anonymous sources claim the Zune HD will launch in September in the US, Canada, France and the UK, with more European countries to follow.

Not only that, but the Zune HD will sport an OLED screen, like the soon to be released Sony X Series Walkman, 16 or 32GB of storage, and there’s even mention of an HDMI slot to hook it up to your hi-def telly. That’ll explain the Zune HD branding then.

There’s also a claim that the Zune HD will support “3D Xbox games”, which tallies with our own suspicions raised yesterday that the Zune HD will actually be an Xbox Portable in disguise.

We’ve had assurances the sources are reliable, and the specs being laid out are certainly believable, even if the new image being touted is a little on the rough side. It’s still early days though, and perhaps Microsoft has some killer software skills lined up for the Zune HD. We aleady have everything crossed for Live Community game support.

Plenty more tech beans are due to be spilled between now and the Zune HD’s rumoured arrival in Autumn. Stay tuned.

Out September | £TBC | Microsoft (Via wmuser)

  • Simon

    “3D Xbox games”

    You mean it supports Java (or more likely Silverlight) then…

    I can imagine the diaappointment now, when little timmy opens his ZuneHD to play Halo3 on it and the sheer disappointment when he sees hes been lied to..

    Lets face the reailty here. Microsoft can’t even make an Xbox that works without overheating, in a huge box, are you people really stupid enough to think they can make a mobile version?

    PS. April Fools day was 2 weeks ago…

  • vinchenzison

    Ooh, just think of 3 Flashing Red Oleds in your pocket where it’s not ventilated :-)

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