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JVC‘s just unveiled a 46 inch 3D TV, and it’s less than three inches at its thickest point! Say goodbye to blur and bulk in 3D displays, this one might just pave the way for 3D TV at home!

The JVC GD-463D10 is a 46 inch LCD TV that’s not only full HD, but also 3D! Even more impressive than those acronyms, however, are the telly’s dimensions. The GD-463D10 is staggeringly thin.

Despite sporting a 1080p screen, the JVC 3D TV is only 75mm at its chunkiest point, tapering down to just 39mm.

You’ll have to don the supplied specs to get the full multi-dimensional effect, but the JVC 3D TV supports two different 3D display methods, line-by-line and side-by-side, and because both display both left and right pictures simultaneously, you won’t notice any flicker.

The JVC 3D HDTV is aimed at businesses only for the moment, but expect this to pop up in cinema lobbies advertising 3D movies in the near future. In the meantime, it proves manufacturers are whittling down the size of their 3D TV screens, in preparation for a home invasion soon.

Out July | £TBC | JVC (Via TechOn)

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    JVC is good but my favorite is a Samsung 3D HDTV

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