Gmail‘s got a new feature, Sender Time Zone, that’ll tell you what time it is wherever your message recipient is in the world, so you won’t wake them with a frantic follow up phone call!

Sender Time Zone is the latest feature to come out of Gmail Labs, and it’s a real lifesaver for any power users who often find themselves emailing others in different time zones.

It’s a great Gmail visual aid that shows a green light next to any people in your contacts likely to be awake and in the office (9am-6pm in their time), and a red light when they’re likely to be out of the office or asleep. One click brings up the precise time in their location.

Gmail Sender Time Zone will only work with email headers including a time zone stamp, but from our tests that’s most people in our inbox. As with all Gmail Labs features, Sender Time Zone is ready and waiting to be switched on right now, and this time, you can use it whatever language your Gmail is set to.

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