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Acer Aspire Timeline unveiled

The Acer Aspire Timeline just gate crashed the ultra portable, super skinny laptop party. The MacBook Air really ought to start getting worried – read on to find out why!

We saw HP‘s intro into the ultra portable notebook market, the dv2, yesterday, and now Acer’s just joined in the fun with the Acer Aspire Timeline range, that’s just 24mm at its thickest, tapering down to 5mm, with some astounding specs.

The Acer Aspire Timeline range will ship in three sizes, 13.3, 14.1 and 15.6 inch, with each toting Intel ULV processors, a HDMI port, and an immense 8-10 hours of battery, with storage options of up to 500GB hard drive or 64GB SSD. The neatest feature though? The Acer Aspire Timeline range sport an Acer Smart Power key to adjust battery juice draining on the fly.

We’re still awaiting UK availability and pricing, but the Acer Aspire Timeline series will retail in the US for between just $699 and $899 (£477-£613), making it even cheaper than the dv2. We’ll be back as soon as we get the details on a Acer Aspire Timeline launch in Britannia.

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