4oD Catch-Up, Channel 4′s on demand IPTV service, finally rolled out on Mac OS X this month, and to say sorry for the delay, Channel 4′s made a little video for all the Apple fans out there. Read on to see it!

4oD Catch-Up arrived as a Flash based web version last week, meaning that Mac users could finally get 4oD Catch-Up shows from across Channel 4′s network on their machines. But 4oD Catch-Up has been available on Windows for yonks, and Channel 4 feels bad about that. So bad in fact, it’s made a little apology video, which you can see below.

We’ve had a little tinker with 4oD Catch-Up on a MacBook Pro, and we can safely say it’s been more than worth the wait, but we’ll take a little 4oD Catch-Up apology montage any day. Happy viewing.

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  • http://www.jonhume.co.uk humedini

    One of the lads in my office spent about 3 hours trying to hack 4od into working on his mac and finally managed it last week, and then they brought this out… he nearly cried. :)

  • Ben Sillis

    Be good to see Channel 4 working towards PMP/mobile support like the Beeb now.

  • CJ

    If only the BBC would modify iPlayer so that you can download and watch them later. You can do it on a PC, why not a Mac? :(

  • Adam smith


    You’ve been able to download and watch later on your mac for a long time. It isn’t about the BBC letting you, it’s if the people who ‘own’ the content of the show will let the bbc.

    You get 7 days to play it and then it removes itself from the screen.

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