Facebook rolled outs its Twitter emulating homepage early last month, and now the March stats for both the social network and the micro blogging platform are in. Evan Williams and Biz Stone ought to be chuffed with themselves: read on for the breakdown.

Compete’s stats for the two sites show that Twitter grew an enormous 76.8% in March alone. That’s on top of the 1,300% year on year growth rate for February 2009 – or to put it another way, Twitter has grown 2,300% in 13 months. The Twitter website is now clocking in 14 million visits per month, and that’s just on the website (Not Twitter clients), and just from the US.

Meanwhile Facebook is still posting huge growth, if not quite as stratospheric, with a 23.4% growth over March, putting it at 195% growth year on year, and 91m US visits.

What’s most interesting about these figures is that were they to continue, Twitter would actually overtake Facebook – it’s growing more than three times as fast. Of course, these upward trends are bound to plateau at some point and Facebook has a huge headstart, but it does suggest people haven’t taken to the new Facebook publisher bar as Mark Zuckerberg might have hoped.

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