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Wii Fit may be more about balance than weight loss – but what if you want to use Nintendo’s console to actually bulk up on muscle? Well, a company called Riiflex has designed a set of Wii-weights that’ll have you pumping iron as you game.

Riiflex has finalised its concepts for two sets of dumbbells into which you can slot your Nintendo Wii Remote and Nunchuck. The green weights weigh in a 2lbs apiece, while blue weights are 4lbs each.

Unlike Wii Fit, these should have you working out no matter what you’re playing. We wouldn’t recommend you use them for Wii Sports, mind you – we can see lots of broken windows/TV screens/teeth ensuing once you start swinging 4lb weights around your head…

Riiflex says the weights will be available this summer, and you can preorder them from the Riiflex website now.

Out Summer 2009 | From $35 | Riiflex (via Register Hardware)

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