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The latest Android-related tidbit coming from the rumour mill is that T-Mobile is planning not one but two new pieces of kit running Google’s open source OS – and neither of them are mobile phones. Read on for the skinny.

The New York Times has apparently got its hands on some documents that reveal T-Mobile is working on both a home phone and a tablet. The home phone features a docking station that allows you to sync data (presumably contact lists and the like) and recharges the battery.

Following later in 2010 will be a tablet with a 7-inch touchscreen, which the NYT knows very little about. It does say that the device will be able to perform basic computing tasks, such as “checking the weather or managing data across a wide variety of devices in the home”.

You don’t get much sketchier than that, do you? But the NYT is one of the most respected news sources around, so we reckon there’s definitely something in this – we’ll keep you posted on any developments.

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