Nikon is definitely launching something on 14th April, and the rumours suggest that it could well be a new, entry-level D400 with a 15.4-megapixel sensor and full HD video. Well, now we’ve spied the first shots purporting to show off the new DSLR.

The snaps were sent to Engadget, and show a smallish DSLR with no visible name tag to give away its identity. However, one of the photos reveals that the camera boasts an articulated rear LCD screen, which signals support for Live View – something that supports suggestions of video capabilities.

The shots, which also show the camera fitted with a fairly basic 18-55mm kit lens, certainly suggest that the DSLR, whatever it is, will be at the affordable end of the market. We’ll have to wait another eight days to find out the facts.

Out TBC | £TBC | Nikon (via Engadget)

  • trenton

    since when would a D400 be an entry-level camera? it’s tiresome when rumors are spread by people who have no idea what they’re taking about. a D400 would be a mid-level professional camera.

  • Sam Kieldsen

    Apologies for any confusion. I meant it’d be entry-level by the standards of 1080p-shooting DSLRs – much like the Canon EOS 50D, which at around £800 is hardly what I’d normally describe as entry level!

  • 2tall

    Wow, what a stretch. It’s obvious to any Nikon user that the pictures are of an ‘entry’ level camera, NOT a D300 replacement. Did you see the Mode Selector Knob? It has scene modes like any entry level Nikon. D300 doesn’t have scene modes. Did you see the lack of top LCD? Just like all other entry level Nikons.

    Seriously, why would you suggest the images are for a D300 replacement?

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