The iPhone 3.0 OS may come with video editing features, lending support to the idea that the next generation of iPhones will support video capture, according to some images hidden away in the current beta release.

iPhone 3.0 has dangled hints about video capability before but Austrian iPhone geek Ben Miller  says that he has found evidence that Apple may be planning to make video capture a much more central part of the iPhone 3.0 experience.

Buried inside the latest beta test release of iPhone 3.0 OS, Ben found a load of images of the kind that are used to display icons and button controls within apps. The images were called things like ‘UIMovie Scrubber Editing Right’ and don’t appear to be used in the current software release.

Ben theorised that this was part of the user interface for a video editing app, and we are inclined to agree. This would tally with earlier reports of the abilty to send videos via MobileMe and definitely points towards those rumours of an iPhone camera with video capability being true.

The question is – was this a slip-up by Apple or are Steve Jobs and co. just very subtly hyping the new release?

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  • Miss Virtual Reality

    I figure that Apple is bound to screw up something with their new OS. I guess thats just one of them, to hide a key feature.

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