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The Skype iPhone client is here and has turned out to be a much bigger hit than even Skype expected. Two million of you have grabbed a copy in just two days.

Skype launched the iPhone client earlier this week – finally giving an official alternative to the various third party chat and VoIP apps like Fringthat offer Skype compatibility. Before long, the app was being grabbed at an astonishing rate of around 6 downloads per second.

“This is a phenomenal performance,” wrote Skype’s Peter Parkes, “we’re confident that it’s one of the fastest-downloaded iPhone apps ever.”

Although popular with iPhone users, the voice over IP app is proving less so with mobile carriers. T-Mobile Germany has blocked the app on its iPhones as it has a policy that bans VoIP. A spokesman said the company feared it would degrade network performance.

Out Now | £free | Skype (via MacWorld)

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