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Digg has launched a brand new feature, the DiggBar, which will let turn anything into a short URL and submit to the social media news site without leaving the page. Useful, no?

That Kevin Rose, he’s a busy chap. When’s he’s not second guessing what Apple’s putting in new iPhone software or leaking incredible shots of brand new electric cars, he’s rolling out new features like the DiggBar to help his website sharing and recommendation service, Digg, compete with the likes of Twitter and the redesigned Facebook.

The DiggBar is a small but clever tweak to what Digg does now. Find a story you like and want to share, then, just type before the URL address. Presto, you’ll see the page reloaded with the DiggBar at the top, a shortened address that’s easier to share and a “Submit to Digg” button, so you no longer have to switch between tabs to Digg a story.

Wisely, the DiggBar isn’t just aimed at keeping traffic within Digg: it also provides one click sharing on Facebook and Twitter, and Kevin Rose has said that Twitter client Twhirl will soon have Digg as a short URL service built in.

You can check out Digg’s DiggBar tool in action below, but what are you waiting for? Try it for yourself!

DiggBar from Kevin Rose on Vimeo.

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