A Google Street View car was stopped in its tracks yesterday by a group of villagers anxious to prevent the vehicle from snapping their homes and slapping them up online.

Google Street View really isn’t going down well with Brits. Google has been inundated with requests to to black out images, and Google Street View has even been the subject of a complaint to government authorities in the few short weeks since launch. Now it seems people are taking preemptive action and sending the Google Street View cars packing.

The Google Street View motors are out on the roads at the moment, shooting even more of the country – but not Broughton in Buckinghamshire, where an irate group of locals formed a human shield to stop the Google Street View car from driving down their streets.

Thames Valley Police gave its version of events: “A squad car was sent to Broughton…to reports of a dispute between a crowd of people and a Google Street View contractor. A member of the public had called us to report that he, along with a number of others, were standing in the middle of the road preventing the car from moving forwards and taking photographs. They felt his presence was an intrusion of their privacy. When police arrived at the scene, the car had moved on.”

There are no reports of pitch forks and burning torches sadly, but we’ll let you know if this Local Hero-esque tale takes any more turns anytime soon: we can’t see Google giving up that easily.

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  • drewandy

    Worried that the benefits agency might catch them working, lol!

  • Ben Sillis

    **Sets Google News alert for “benefit fraud” and “Street View”** It’s only a matter of time til someone’s caught working when they shouldn’t be!

  • http://philbridges.com Phil Bridges

    “Oi google.. git ‘orf moi Land you long ‘aired hippy bazzards….”

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