UPDATE: Skype has been as good as its word. Skype for iPhone is already available to download in Japan, where it’s past midnight Tuesday, so get ready to download when the new day is rung in!

The official Skype for iPhone client is launching tomorrow, with BlackBerry Skype to follow in May. Free calls all around! Read on to find out what you’ll be able to do with the long-awaited official Skype for iPhone app.

iPhone users have had 3rd party Skype apps like Fring for a while, but now the official version is poised to wipe them off the map: Skype for iPhone will finally hit the App Store tomorrow.

Skype has confirmed the new app is incoming, and although Skype for iPhone is Wi-Fi only for VoIP calls, other features look promising: Skype for iPhone offers instant messaging between users, as well as the ability to join conference calls. Skype for iPhone also has a link to let owners buy SkypeOut credit via the iPhone’s Safari web browser, so Skype for iPhone can also make cut-price calls to landlines and non-Skype numbers.

That’s not all though. BlackBerry users can rejoice too, as BlackBerry Skype will be arriving in May, although there’s no word yet whether it’ll work over 3G or Wi-Fi only.

If BlackBerry Skype is a Wi-Fi only affair, like Skype for iPhone is, that could rule out the BlackBerry Storm since it doesn’t have Wi-Fi abilities.

We’ll be back with more as soon as we get to grips with Skype for iPhone for ourselves, and wait with baited breath for BlackBerry Skype in just a few short months.

Out Tomorrow | £free | Skype (Via Reuters)

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