We’re way past midday already so what are you waiting for? Grab your second meal of the day right now, with all the breaking tech news from around the world squeezed on to your plate in the lunchtime lowdown.

We’ve waited far too long, but Skype for iPhone is finally here: it’s launching on the App Store tomorrow, while a BlackBerry Skype app will follow in May. Sticking with mobile, we’ve got word that the Palm Pre could be out as soon as April 30th, and we compared a new Apple netbook concept, the MacBook mini, with our own MacBook nano. Which is better? Be sure to have your say.

In gaming, Blizzard has let slip that the next Xbox might have a new “input device”, while EA has promised that the Sims 3 won’t feature the dastardly DRM of Spore.

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