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UPDATE: Twitter SMS updates are coming to Vodafone UK, it’s now official! Check out the details.

Exclusive: Twitter SMS updates are returning, on Vodafone. It’s yet to be officially announced, but we’ve heard the massively popular microblogging service is about to get a massive boost as Vodafone allows text updates to and from Twitter.

Twitter SMS updates were halted last August, but now we’ve heard Vodafone is bringing them back, and will be the only mobile operator in Britain to offer them.

What’s more, we’ve heard that sending SMS updates to Twitter might be free for all Vodafone customers. You read that right. Free twittering, from any phone, as long as it’s on Vodafone.

Since the system works with the native SMS client of any phone, there’s no need for special apps, or even a WAP link. All Vodafone customers need is to text their 140 character updates to a special shortcode.

Vodafone’s about to make Twitter users very happy, and push microblogging further into the mainstream than it’s ever been.

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  • Christoph

    About time – texts are nearly free for networks anyway! I’m on Orange though :(

  • Mcflybot

    If I didn’t already have a data plan this would be great news… Is it only Vodaphone though? I’m on 3, but my brother’s on Voda, so maybe I can get him twittering.

  • Lastimoza Wilson


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