Twitter close to charging for use

Twitter is close to charging companies to use the micro blogging service, according to new reports. Read on to find out how Twitter plans to finally cash in on the craze it started.

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone has hinted at the possibility of charging companies to use Twitter before, but now the idea looks like it could really happen. The Wall Street Journal reports that Twitter has hired a product manager to develop commercial accounts.

Stone also told Reuters: “We think there will be opportunities to provide services to commercial entities that help them get even more value out of Twitter. If these services are valuable to companies, we think they may want to pay for them.”

It’s hardly surprising, given the number of third parties trying to cash in on Twitter of late. As well as advertising service Magpie & Friends, a new site called ExecTweets, which groups fat cat feeds for business Twitterers, popped up this week and in a sign of things to come, Twitter itself is taking a cut from it.

It looks like it’s finally happening. Twitter has found a way to make its service pay. What extra features an enhanced, paid-for Twitter service will offer is anybody’s guess, but you can find out as soon as we know by following us on Twitter yourself.

Out Now | £free | Twitter (Via Reuters and Wall Street Journal)

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