New Sony VAIO P coming?

A new Sony VAIO P could be in the works! The ultra portable computer might be about to get improvements inside, according to one source, so read on to find out what’s what.

We love everything about the Sony VAIO P other than the price, so while it’s barely out yet, it’s good to see Sony with a long game planned for it: SonyInsider claims to have found several new model numbers for a new Sony VAIO P that hint at possible new colours, but also improved specs.

SonyInsider lists six new model numbers for the Sony VAIO P, the VGN-P710T/B, VGN-P710T/R, VGN-P710T/G, VGN-P710T/W, and more tellingly, the VGN-P730A/Q and VGN-P730T/Q.

What’s so significant about the last two? The final code letters would suggest the colour of the Sony VAIO P (Black, green, red, white), but Q is a bit of a curveball. What colour is that? That and the higher model number (730 instead of 710) would suggest that a new Sony VAIO P with better specs is on the way.

Will it have more RAM? A bigger SSD card? Windows 7? A lower price tag? We strongly doubt the latter, but we’ll bounce right back with any more news on a new Sony VAIO P as soon as it emerges. In the meantime, be sure to check out our hands-on gallery with the current Sony VAIO P.

Out TBC | £TBC | Sony (Via SonyInsider)

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