Vodafone and Telefónica have announced that they will join forces and link their European networks to give better coverage in Germany, Spain, Ireland and the UK.

Vodafone and Telefónica have annonced a milestone deal that will see them combine their networks in Germany, Spain, Ireland and the UK. Discussions are continuing that may extend the deal to the Czech Republic.

What Vodafone and Telefónica will get out of this is reduced costs (around £100million if the Wall Street Journal has its facts straight) and the nice warm fuzzy glow of friendship – but what about their customers?

Telefónica Chief Exec Matthew Key said, “We are actively exploring additional areas for cooperation and, by reducing our costs in areas of the business that customers don’t see, we can ensure that we invest in areas they truly value.”

Which we think means “this might save our customers some money”. Even if the savings aren’t passed on to consumers we should at least be able to avoid any nasty price hikes and roaming users should find that  coverage in the four countries should be significantly improved.

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