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Lenovo’s OPhone Android mobile seems to have become a ‘tribute’ to the iPhone if new pics of the China-only handset are to be believed. Lenovo have reskinned the Android OS and done away with Google’s hand-crafted interface in favour of a look and feel that will be very familiar to iPhone owners.

The Lenovo OPhone was always going to have a touch of the iPhone about it. From the suspiciously similar name to the sleek design with its single ‘Home’ button. These latest shots do rather hammer the point home, however.

Now the Chinese language ILoveOPhone blog has a collection of screen grabs from the new Lenovo phone and, well, lets just be charitable and say that the designers must really really like what Apple have done with the iPhone user interface.

The only major difference is the big search area at the top – a feature that would actually be quite nice on the iPhone, at least until Spotlight comes along in iPhone OS 3.0.

Incredulous gawping aside, it is interesting to see just how modifiable the Android OS can be. We aren’t convinced that this would make any iPhone owners switch handsets, though. Nor that such a mod is going to avoid Apple’s legal wrath.

Only available in China | £tbc | Lenovo (via iPhone Footprint)

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