A formal complaint about Google Street View has been made to the Information Commissioner in the UK. Is Street View about to be shut down? Read on to find out.

Google Street View only launched in the UK last week, but despite stacks of images being pulled already, an official complaint has been made by campaign group Privacy International (PI) to the Information Commissioner (ICO).

PI cites more than 200 instances where people are identifiable on Google Street View despite the big G’s attempts to blur out faces and car license plates. And it’s not just a mild moan, Privacy International is calling for a complete shut down of Street View while an investigation takes place.

“We’re asking for the system to be switched off while an investigation is completed,” said PI director Simon Davies.

But Google insists it’s taken reasonable measures to mask everyone. Before launching Google Street View, “we sought the guidance and approval of the independent and impartial Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)”, a Google spokesperson said.

Street View has already thrown up a host of hilarious street side sightings, and while we don’t have much sympathy for the man vomiting on street in Shoreditch, we do feel for the woman apparently visible outside her new home on Google Street View after leaving her abusive partner and moving in secret. The ICO says it will respond to the Google Street View complaint shortly, so we’ll be following this one every step of the way.

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  • http://dorsetvisualguide.co.uk Carl Barron

    Close down Google Street View you say? Certainly not, as these are only single images captured in time. This is a very highly valuable piece of IT Software that both the public and businesses can use to display specific areas especially Estate Agents to give their clients a good idea as to areas specific.

    If we carry on with PC Correctness at this hideous level, you won’t be able to take even your own holiday snaps in ‘Police State UK’.

    Carl Barron
    Chairman of agpcuk

  • Wrathy

    It’d be hilarious if they shut this down and kept their information databases. Double standards FTW.

  • Ben Sillis

    @Wrathy Ah but it’s OK for the government to invade people’s privacy, but not multinational companies who actually know how to keep data secure. Cos they’re evil. Didn’t you know?

  • http://www.gravatar.com James Holland

    I can see why people don’t want their faces shown on moral grounds, but I’m not sure there’s a legal argument here at all. Since when has it been illegal to take photos in a public place? Never, as far as I know, and that’s all the Street View car is doing. Next you’ll be able to sue the thousands of pubs and bars who post pictures of revelers on their websites after club nights for fear your boss will find them and know you pulled a sickie the next day!

  • Geroobert

    street view is great

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