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DJ Hero really is real, folks. Activision‘s CEO let slip a while back that DJ Hero was coming, but now the long rumoured track mixing game now has an official website live at long last. Read on for the full skinny.

Truth be told there’s not much known about DJ Hero. It’s safe to assume we’ll see a slew of turntable accessories to accompany its beat-matching challenges. The official site simply shows a turntable, a box to sign up for emails and some really annoying screaming you can’t turn off, so turn your speakers down before heading over to have a butchers.

But at least we know for sure that DJ Hero is coming, rather than just relying on the odd turntablist boasting that they’re on the soundtrack, and we know it’s heading to Xbox 360, PS3 and Nintendo Wii. There are no PC, DS or PSP logos present sadly, but the Xbox Live logo hints at DLC or online play for DJ Hero is also incoming.

Aside from those tidbits, there’s not a scratch of info on the DJ Hero site, but we’ll hit you up with any DJ Hero news that emerges at Game Developers Conference this week.

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