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Lenovo ultra portable to have touchscreen?

UPDATE: It turns out the Pocket Yoga isn’t real: Lenovo has admitted it’s a two year old concept and nothing more. So why did it release all these lovely pics then?

Remember the Lenovo ultra portable PC we saw last week? Lenovo‘s accidentally deliberately made it official by popping some photos of it up online, and it’s packing a touchscreen. Presenting the Lenovo Pocket Yoga!

Leaked shots of the Lenovo ultra portable last week had us intrigued, but now shots of the leather clad computer have appeared on the Lenovo Flickr photostream, and the Lenovo ultra portable has now been named the Pocket Yoga.

It gets better though: also posted were shots that show the Lenovo ultra portable Pocket Yoga being used as a touchscreen with a stylus, tablet style, and a belt clip which Lenovo claims can double up as a mouse. Yup, seriously.

Suddenly, the £800 plus you were planning to spend on the Sony VAIO P doesn’t seem like such a good investment does it? Lenovo has yet to release any other info on the Lenovo ultra portable Pocket Yoga, but as soon as it does we’ll be sure to let you know.

Out TBC | £TBC | Lenovo (Via Electronista)

  • http://www.finelaptop.com fine laptop

    Looks great but not sure that its better then Vaio P at least

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