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Is this the next step for Apple earphones?

Could this be the next step in the evolution of the white Apple earphones? This stunning stereo Bluetooth sunglasses concept takes the high spec specs tradition and twists it into something so stylish we could even see Apple taking a peek through them. Read on for the lowdown.

Stereo Bluetooth sunglasses aren’t exactly new, but ones that actually look good definitely are. Check out this concept by Turkish designer Akin Bacioglu, that sticks the streaming tech inside a frame that puts Apple earphones to shame.

Called The Mood, this Ray-Ban beater sports an LED light that comes to life when it pairs with another device, as well as dedicated track and volume navigation buttons that make the controls on the new Apple earphones accompanying the iPod shuffle look downright difficult.

But the new Apple earphones shipping with the new iPod shuffle got us thinking though. Apple is clearly not happy just sticking with the cheapest white Apple earphones anymore, so could something like this be the next logical step? It certainly sports the same minimalist design aesthetic Apple is known for.

So if Jonathan Ives is reading, we hope you’re taking notes, as we’d like these as the Apple earphones provided with the next new iPod please.

Out TBC | £TBC | Akin Bacioglu (Via Yanko Design)

  • ace_mcsword

    Sorry mr Stills but you are an idiot… these glasses are terrible.

    Just think about what you are saying… Apple – a company built on principles of functionality and simplicity – would ship a massive pair of tasteless ‘futuristic’ sunglasses as their headphones for their new iPod…


  • Ben Sillis

    I’d rather wear these than Apple’s current tacky white buds, which it seems to be doing its best to lock us into with the new iPod shuffle. You’re right about size, but I do think Apple needs to go back to the drawing board when it comes to what it bundles with iPods.

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