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The new iPod shuffle has divided Apple fans. It’s a great-looking, nanoscopic piece of kit, but audiophiles are grumbling about being forced to use Apple’s supplied earphones now that the iPod shuffle’s controls are on the white buds.

This ought to cheer the naysayers up then: Scosche has just announced it’s working on earphones for the new iPod shuffle! Read on for the skinny.

Unless Scosche is incredibly quick off the mark, we reckon it knew about the new iPod shuffle a while ago – it’s already got three sets of earphones with controls for the VoiceOver enabled iPod shuffle in the works.

The Scosche IDR350M, IDR450M and IDR650M noise isolating earphones for the new iPod shuffle still give you full control over Apple’s cute critter, letting you adjust volume, play, pause, navigate tracks and playlists and trigger the robot read out of what’s playing, and promise better mids and bass than the buds the iPod shuffle ships with.

Even better though, Scosche is also developing an inline control adapter kit which you’ll be able to plug into the cans you use right now. If you were sitting on the fence before, this should push you off into Apple’s garden. Go new iPod shuffle!

Out Spring | £from 36 | Scosche (Via Engadget)

  • webbo73

    That’s great news but why couldn’t Apple put a female 3.5mm jack on the remote cable so you could put your own headphones in whilst using the apple in-line remote?

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