Vodafone’s dropping DRM from its mobile music store, tying three of the world’s largest music publishers in to provide tracks completely DRM free to mobiles and computers.

Vodafone has signed Universal Music, Sony Music Entertainment and EMI Music up to its DRM free service, offering tracks to mobile phones and PCs without the need to sync them up, or sideload songs onto handsets.

Even better, if you’ve already bought music through Vodafone’s store you’ll be able to download DRM free replacements at no extra charge.

Vodafone reckons it’s the first DRM-free offering of its type, and boasts ‘over a million’ songs in every genre. However, we couldn’t help notice it won’t work on a Mac.

Do you use the Vodafone music store? Does the phrase ‘DRM free’ get your ears twitching? It should, and other networks should really take note.

Out now | £varies | Vodafone Music

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