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iTunes 8.1 is coming soon, and the Genius recommendation feature has been expanded to work with video! Read on to find out everything Apple has planned for the next iTunes update.

We loved the new features Cupertino introduced with iTunes 8 last year, especially the automated recommendations Genius tool, which compiles playlists and shopping lists of songs based on users’ libraries. But according to Apple’s website, iTunes 8.1 is incoming, and the Genius tool is even better than before. On iTunes 8.1, it’ll even recommend movies and TV shows it thinks you’ll like!

Other new features on iTunes 8.1 include faster library loading and iPod syncing and the ability to automatically import CDs at a higher 256-kbps. No word yet on when iTunes 8.1 will roll out, but since it’s required for the new iPod shuffle and Apple is actually admitting to its existence, it’s got to be soon, so stay posted for more news on iTunes 8.1 as it breaks.

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