Exclusive: Google installed Android on a netbook before the T-Mobile G1 was ever even released! From what we hear, Google has had grand plans for its Android mobile operating system since the very start – read on for all the juicy details.

According to Google’s former Developer Advocate and Android evangelist, Mike Jennings, who was in close touch with Android engineers through out the development process, Google has always pushed the boundaries, and its staff were testing out Android on a netbook as early as last year!

“From day one, people have been tinkering with Android on other stuff. I remember back in the day somebody had almost got Android running on a mini PC – this was a year ago or more,” he said.

We’ve seen all sorts of rumours about a Google Android netbook in recent weeks: Asus is thought to be making an Android netbook, Google’s CEO has even hinted that the company might subsidize netbooks, presumably with Android on board, and now we know for sure that Google had netbooks and more in mind when it was making Android.

We’ll be watching the Googledrome for any news on Android on a netbook, but in the meantime, if you’re not sure what the fuss is about, check out our gallery of Android running in a netbook shell we spotted at CES!

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