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Dell Latitude E6400 XFR: tougher than a Toughbook

The Dell Latitude E6400 XFR, Dell’s solid successor to the rugged Dell Latitude E6400 ATG, has just been unveiled, and it’s a real Toughbook trasher.

We thought the Panasonic Toughbook T8 was indestructible, but the Dell Latitude E6400 XFR is on another level. Its new Ballistic Armour Protection System means it’ll survive a 1.2 metre drop while switched off, and three feet with the machine on and open. PrimoSeal technology also means it’s dustproof, and even capable of surviving blasts of pressurised water.

Inside, the Dell Latitude E6400 XFR sports a Core 2 Duo chip, Nvidia Quadro NVS 160M graphics card and a 14.1 inch monitor, so it’s got brains as well as brawn. In fact the only advantage the Toughbook range boasts over the new Latitude is its touchscreen.

The Dell Latitude E6400 XFR has been designed for messy and harsh environments and according to Dell, “homeland security”. So next time you see someone carrying a Dell Latitude E6400 XFR, watch out: he or she is probably a spy.

Out Now | £2,679 | Dell

  • http://www.roamingtech.com.au/vehicle-installations/default.aspx Blank IT

    Ok but what about the important specs?
    Hows the battery life?
    How heavy is it?
    How much is it?

  • Ben Sillis

    Full specs are here: http://www.dell.com/xfr Price is quoted above, it weighs in at 8.5lb, or just under 4kg, but Dell isn’t quoting a battery life just yet. We’ll let you know when we get a hold of one.

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