JVC has just announced the new Everio X hybrid camera. It is also known as the Everio GZ-X900, but good luck remembering that next time you’re in Jessops. Here’s something that might stick in your mind though: it can record at 600fps. That’s not a typo – that’s your ticket to recreating The Matrix in your back garden.

The Everio GZ-X900 records in full 1080p HD and records to SDHC memory card. It’s designed to slip into a pocket, with dimensions of 37 x 66 x 124 mm. It weighs 298g. It doesn’t just shoot in 10x ultra-slowmo, of course, but that probably won’t stop your subjects from humming the tune to Chariots of Fire each time you get it out.

The Everio X sports a 10.3 megapixel CMOS sensor, which yields 9 megapixel stills. It’ll even shoot those at 15 images per second, a speed that JVC proudly boasts is faster than D-SLRs can achieve. During normal filming, you can also snap 5 megapixel stills.

JVC has also included a new optical image stabilisation tech that should keep shaky-cam syndrome to a minimum no matter how much of the 5x optical zoom you’re using. The Everio GZ-X900 / Everio X is hitting the US in June for around $1,000.

Out June | Around £700 | JVC

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