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Samsung NX series adopts Micro Four Thirds

UPDATE: Turns out the Samsung NX series doesn’t use the Micro Four Thirds technology Panasonic and Olympus are using, but the DSLR tech inside makes it just as desirable.

Samsung has just announced the NX series of hybrid cameras, packing DSLR technology in something much smaller. Looks like Samsung just knocked the Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1 off its half DSLR, half point and shoot perch. All the details after the jump.

Samsung has just unveiled the Samsung NX series of hybrid cameras ahead of PMA in Las Vegas, and they’re the slimmest hybrid cameras we’ve ever seen. The Samsung NX series ditches the mirror box and traditional viewfinder of your regular DSLR, but still keeps the DSLR sized APS-C image sensor and the option to switch lenses.

Unlike the Panasonic G1, which uses the Micro Four Thirds system, the difference in thickness between the Samsung NX series model shown and a DSLR is clear – it’s barely bigger than a point and shoot.

There are no details on specific models and specs just yet, other than that the first Samsung NX series hybrid camera will be on sale in the second half of the year, but we’d expect more from PMA this week so stay tuned.

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  • CSMR

    This is misinformation.

    Samsung is coming out with a competitor to micro-4/3 whose advantage is a larger APS-C sensor and you are reporting “samsung adopts micro four thirds”?

    You’ve got it 180 degrees wrong.

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