The BBC is pushing for a TV on-demand standard between terrestrial TV channels, setting guidelines to encourage on-demand services and allow set-top boxes to tune in for free. Get the lowdown on the Beeb’s plan for TV nirvana after the break!

The BBC Trust has launched a public consultation on a BBC proposal to bring standards to internet TV on-demand, dubbed Project Canvas.

According to the Trust, the BBC plans a “joint venture partnership, that would set and promote a common standard for delivering on-demand TV”, and that means sitting down with the other terrestrial channels to flesh out how TV should be piped to our homes over the web.

If the Beeb can pull it off every channel’s shows will be available on the same format and at the same quality. That means set top box manufacturers will be able to build in support for them without worrying that they’re not compatible.

Freesat has already embraced the idea, with ethernet ports in every bit of Freesat kit ever made. We hear the BBC iPlayer will be hitting Freesat boxes by the end of the year, but if the latest plan goes ahead too it could soon be joined by ITV Player, Channel 4′s 4OD, Demand Five and even Sky Player.

Of course, the ambitious TV on-demand plan has yet to get the go ahead from the BBC Trust, but we’ll have a final decision by July 24. Stay tuned.

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