The oddly named Yuhua Xphone-SDK is a brand new mobile running the Android operating system. It’s reportedly ready for mass production, and just waiting for someone who wants to pick it up. Anyone, anyone?

The Yuhua Xphone-SDK is a capable looking phone with a 3MP camera, 128 MB of RAM and a 3-inch touchscreen. It can handle GPRS and EDGE as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networking.

Yuhua, the Chinese manufacturer behind it, says the Xphone-SDK is ready to be picked up by a suitable Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) that wants to add its own brand. That means the Yuhua could show up with a more familiar brand and, hopefuly, a nicer name slapped on it. Yuhua is also behind the design for the General Mobile DSTL1 we told you about last month.

If we’re honest, the Xphone-SDK isn’t going to set the world on fire with its features. It’s lacking much memory, and there are few stand-out extras. But maybe it doesn’t need them. Perhaps there is room for Android running on a lower-spec phone? Give us your thoughts below.

TBC | £tbc | via Android Authority

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