LG ditching plasma TVs?

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LG could be ditching plasma TVs, just weeks after Pioneer said it was pulling out of the TV business altogether. Is this the death of plasma TVs? Details after the jump!

LG vice-president Lee Gyu-Hong has said that unless the global economy picks up anytime soon, LG might have to ditch plasma screens, which are more expensive to produce, in favour of LCD TVs alone, which are becoming increasingly cheaper to churn out at larger sizes.

Pity that. We love plasma screens, and the deep blacks and rich colours that come with them – it’s just a shame that LCD TV makes more economic sense. LG hasn’t confirmed it will be ditching plasma TVs just yet, but when the vice president hints at something this huge, it’s a sure sign that it’s beyond the stage of vague possibility.

We’ll keep you posted, and our fingers crossed that this isn’t the end of LG’s plasma TV business.

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