By our watches, it’s bang on lunchtime o’clock. Raise a toast to one and a half days to the weekend by sitting back and catching up with all the morning’s tech news: it’s all in the lunchtime lowdown, after the jump!

Apple‘s shareholder meeting took place yesterday, and while we already knew Steve Jobs would be skipping it, the board went so far as to confirm that succession plans are in place should Jobs be unable to return to work.

In gaming, Nintendo released an Xbox like controller for the Nintendo Wii, while the PS3 could be getting a price cut- and the Blu-ray drive cut out.

In mobile, we found that Firefox Mobile will sync with PC browser tabs, while we looked at how to pick the perfect cameraphone.

And finally, Nokia has finally let slip it’s looking at entering the netbook market with its own device – and that’s from the CEO himself!

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