Panasonic just let slip a tasty on-demand tidbit: the BBC iPlayer will come to Freesat this year, allowing on-demand TV to be watched through set top boxes without subscribing to Virgin Media.

Discussing Panasonic’s new Viera Cast technology, spokesman Matthew Billing told us the iPlayer would be absent from it at launch due to a sheer “lack of manpower” at the Beeb.

“The iPlayer will appear on Freesat this year,” he said. “The team the BBC has working on that is probably the same one that will work on Viera Cast, so that will come later.”

We’d already heard that Freesat boxes would get iPlayer access, but until now there’s been no timeframe. Every Freesat box and Freesat equipped TV comes with an ethernet port installed, so all it needs is a broadband connection.

Good news iPlayer fans. Within the next 10 months you’ll be chowing down on the last week’s shows through your TV, without forking out for a Virgin Media subscription.

Out 2009 | £free | Panasonic

  • adambluett

    there is an interview on the telegraph website with the head of freesat and she claims that the bbc iplayer will be available from the summer, so only 4-6 months to wait

    • Al

      Where is it? A typical case of an announcement that puts optimism before reality

  • Milagros Cartlidge

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