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Panasonic Viera Cast

Panasonic just sent our jaws to the floor with Viera Cast, its new on-demand TV service, being built into all of its new tellies and Blu-Ray players. Viera Cast brings streaming video from the web direct to the screen.

Panasonic already has some big name broadcasters on-board, alongside content from YouTube, Picassa and on-screen information widgets. See why we’re excited after the jump.

Viera Cast is like Apple TV on steroids, and it’s built into Panasonic’s newest Viera TVs at no extra cost too. It sucks in content from YouTube, Bloomberg, Picassa and traditional TV broadcasters such as Eurosport, letting you seamlessly jump from broadcast to on-demand shows and clips, or your own photos, or the latest news or weather from the web.

It’s being shoved inside every new Viera TV, and will also show up in Panasonic’s new Blu-Ray players. But streaming video, photos and web snippets isn’t all it’s good for.

Tellies packing Viera Cast are also DLNA compatible. That means they can grab videos stored on networked devices in the house and stream them onto the big screen with no fuss. Told you it was like Apple TV, didn’t we?

Unfortunately, streaming is limited to video files encoded in H.264 at present, with only one Panasonic TV, the brand new Z1, also capable of playing back DivX files.

On the bright side, Panasonic says Viera Cast is incredibly easy for broadcasters to get involved with. Adding a ‘widget’ to pull in their existing web video streams takes “one week of one developer’s time,” and it’s all done using familiar Javascript and XML feeds.

We’d love to see BBC iPlayer on-board, but Panasonic wouldn’t let slip which other broadcasters are in talks to get involved. What it has promissed are more updates on the way. Later this year it’ll issue the first software update, letting owners re-order the ‘widgets’ on the home screen. For now though, check out our hands-on pictures below, and shout up with any questions in the comments.

Out 1st half 2009 | £TBC | Panasonic

  • Baz


    I understand that the new Panasonic Blu-Ray Players will also have both Viera-Cast, Ethernet/Internet & full DLNA capabilities but will these work when connected to say a Pioneer PDP-LX5090 or any other branded HDTV apart from Panasonic? Also, does Viera-Cast have Widgets and as well like most other similar systems?


  • Bo Buchanan

    I’ve got a Panasonic BD-60 Blu-ray player and I really like the Viera Cast Feature. It’s playing through a Viera S1 Plasma – I watched Dune through the Amazon On Demand movie feature and it looked great! I had 2 or 3 “pauses” during the movie that were really more like blips on a dvd – not perfect but it was tolerable. I’ve also used the YouTube feature – the videos only play on half the screen w/the menu and controls on the other half. But you can log into your YouTube Account and access favorites, subscriptions, etc. This is the first “merging” of my TV and the Internet – I’m pretty happy with a first attempt. I wish it could stream NetFlix as well – maybe on a future release.

    • Chris

      I realised that you can make the Viera Cast videos full screen simply by ‘selecting’ the video frame using the remote control in the normal manner.


  • Paul

    Panasonics Viera Cast system sounds so simple its brilliant but will it play digital radio broadcasts? Paul

  • Donald DuBecky

    Can this be used to chack email ie. comast

  • Magnsu

    Is vod available all over the world, I don´t have it in my tv from the beginning, do I need to update the viera cast and how do I do that? Today there is only picasa, youtube, eurosport, bloomberg and wheater.

    • http://www.gravatar.com James Holland

      The VOD services will depend where you are, as far as I know. E.g. in the UK Panasonic has been talking about getting BBC iPlayer on there, but obviously that won’t happen in other countries.

  • shisabarukitama

    Does anyone know if the Samsung BD-P1590 bluu ray player is compatible with Panasonic Viera HD TVs? I am guessing about buying this blu ray player as a Birthdaycomplimentary gift for my mom, but I want to be certain that it will be functioning with the Panasonic VIERA X1 Series TC-L26X1 26-Inch 720p LCD HDTVTV that already in house. Anyone had any experience with this electronics?

  • Sheila Glaser

    I am a Neflix subscriber; when I watch streeming movies on  my computer, I can select English Subtitles or closed captioned for the hearing impaired.  But I have not been able to find a way to select subtitles on the streeming movies through my Panasonic Blue ray Disc Player Model DMP-BD85. Is there some way of accomplishing that on English language films? (Foreign films automatically have English Sub-titles.

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