Samsung‘s just unveiled the Samsung WB100, sporting the most vivid live view screen we’ve ever seen. It’s OLED, and a storming achievement. All the details on the Samsung WB100 after the break!

Sony‘s been busy stuffing OLED into TVs and MP3 players, but the Samsung WB100 is the first OLED camera we’ve ever seen.

While the 3 inch OLED screen won’t affect your final pictures, it’s no gimmick: it’s so bright and contrast capable you’ll see on the exact same colours you’ll see on the final print out.

The Samsung WB100 OLED camera isn’t just good at displaying photos, it’s a pretty fine picture taker too of course: inside is a 12 megapixel sensor, a 5x optical zoom, HD video recording and a 24mm wide angle lens.

The Samsung WB100 is out in April, for the princely sum of £329. We’ll be chasing Samsung post haste for a hands-on, so stay tuned.

Out April | £329 | Samsung

  • Amanda Palumbo

    We bought a Kodak LS63 back in 2003 which has an OLED screen. Ive just been looking to get a replacement and there are no reasonably priced OLED cameras out there! Why havent they gone mainstream? We only paid approx £150 for our other one all those years ago and yet the cheapest OLED I have found is about £300. What a can and a scandall!

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