Nokia just launched its first app store, dubbed the Ovi Store and catering for almost every phone in its range. It’s also the world’s first location aware app store. Nokia says it’s a “smart store”. Get the details after the break.

Nokia Ovi Store will start to learn what you like over time, and anticipate what you might want to buy. Nokia says it’ll also use your location, dishing up apps and content specific to the place you are.

Showing it off today, Nokia says it’ll pack videos, audio, games, apps and specifically, Lonely Planet guides for cities you find yourself in.

Ovi Store will also use your friends’ purchases to suggest popular items you might want to buy.

Clever, or a bit creepy? We’re not quite decided yet, but the good news is Ovi Store won’t just work on smartphones. It’ll offer downloads for S40 and S60 handsets.

Ovi Store will launch in May, giving developers a 70% cut of revenues and going live in nine countries. EA, Shazam, MySpace and Fox are already on board, creating “new content” and 3rd party developers can sign up themselves at

Out May | £varies | Nokia

  • Max

    Nokia rulezz forever!!

  • Pete

    hi im planning on getting a nokia n97 but im wondering how do u pay for the apps when on pay and go? hope to hear soon?

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