Amazon Kindle 2 coming to the UK

UPDATE: It’s official. Amazon has just unveiled the Kindle 2, with some staggering specs. No word on a UK release yet but we’re chasing Amazon on it.

More shots of the Amazon Kindle 2 e-reader have leaked online, but unlike the last model it looks like the new version will be coming to the UK.

Find out how we know it’s packing a bag for Blighty after the jump!

A few interesting job postings were spotted by The Kindle Blog back in December that made us wonder if Amazon was working on a British version of the Kindle, but now some seriously official photos have started appearing online, we’re almost certain.

Lab126, the Kindle developer, listed a position for an engineer knowledgeable in developing GSM handsets, as well as an internationalization expert, who was later hired from Yahoo, and has since gone on to talk at developers’ conferences about “processing text in different languages; preparing for the localization (translation) of user interfaces; making applications “locale-aware”.

Now, why would Lab126 hire someone skilled in translating software and settings to different regions of the world? Answer: because it’s going to roll out the Kindle 2 to them, and we all know that the differences in British and US English would have to be ironed out to appeal to the hardcore literary market here.

That’s what we reckon anyway. Amazon’s press conference takes place in New York tonight (UK time) so we’ll know for sure very shortly.

Out TBC | £TBC | Amazon (Via The Kindle and Mobileread Forums)

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