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UPDATE: We’ve told Microsoft that the Xbox 360 update now released appears to be doing more damage than good. Reports are flooding in that it’s causing the Red Ring of Death, or RROD as soon as it’s installed, so find out Microsoft’s response if you’ve been affected.

The Xbox 360 could be getting an update this month to fix sound problems caused by the New Xbox Experience (NXE) installation.

Microsoft is planning a February update for the Xbox 360 and NXE, according to rumours. The reason appears to be a fix for a bug in the Xbox’s NXE interface, causing major headaches for some gamers who have an Xbox 360 hooked up to the TV via a HDMI cable.

The bug results in a picture showing on-screen, but no sound whatsoever. It’s no red ring of death, but that’s still a major annoyance.

The problem is widespread enough to have created a 24 page discussion over at the official Xbox forums, but there’s still been no response to the issue by Microsoft customer support, according to those affected.

The answer? Microsoft could be looking to correct the flaw in a major update Xbox 360 update very soon. Either that, or it’s not sure how to fix the problem. We’ll let you know if and when anything is confirmed.

Out Feb | £TBC | Microsoft (Via Gizmodo)

  • yepa

    in the site says the update its out NOW

  • Andrew

    Yes I just d/l it. Ive always had my xbox hooked up with HDMI and never had a issue so… i cant comment on the effectiveness of the update. Well i’ve always used digital optical out for audio.

  • geos12321

    yep im downloading it as we speak

  • lib_kp

    well i still use the regular yellow, white red connection just did this update now. at first my screen turned greenish like every thing was green but playable i guess. i restarted my elite 360 now i cant even see the screen any more. help

  • mike

    i just got an update and now i cant play the avi file i was in the middle of watching!

  • Cynthea C. Sullivan

    All I want direction with is what do I need to do to get my xbox360 mailed to the proper location so that you can own up to your warranty that I have three years for the red ring of death to be acknowledged and fixed properly by your companys promise? I feel as though you people are making this promised fix that you are as well as have been aware of the breaking point on each and every system you sold whilenowing that this problem will adventually its time for you to get back to me and stand by tour promise of repair to a problem that you knowingly sold who knows how many machines making billions of dollars in the process. I reccomend that you stop making me go on this wild goose chase to figure out how to get what you rightfully owe me .Yours truly Cynthea Sullivan

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