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Looks like we might have to wait a little longer for the new DSi handheld from Nintendo. The planned release of ‘Spring 2009′ has turned into ‘Spring-Summer’.

A PDF document on Nintendo’s Japanese site that details the company’s 2009 release schedule sets the loose ’2009 Spring-Summer’ release date for the new consiole in both the US and Europe.

The DSi is intended to be compatible with the existing Nintendo DS, but comes with several intriguing extras such as a camera (for realtime video chat – as well as some gesture-based games, it is rumoured) and an SD card slot for storing multimedia files (and DEFINTELY NOT homebrew/pirated games).

One significant difference is that, unlike the DS, the DSi will be region-locked – meaning that imported consoles will only work with games from their region. All the more reason to hang on a few months and get one via the official channels, even if you are desperate.

Spring-Summer 2009 | £tbc | Nintendo Japan via CVG

  • connorcake

    where the hell did u get the info abought
    the delay of the date it comes out coz thats rubish a bet u made it up

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