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Wait! Hold your horses! That stability-enhancing upgrade to the iPhone OS we told you about last week might come with a nasty surprise. Several iPhone owners have reported that they are unable to sync with iTunes after applying the patch.

The version 2.2.1 update to the iPhone and iPod Touch was meant to fix some outstanding bugs in Safari and add a touch of stability, but since applying the update – released on the 27th – a small number of iPhone users have reported problems.

After the update, some users may be unable to sync their phones with iTunes. A smaller number apparently are able to sync after several attempts – only to have their phones crash when playing MP3s.

Although a full restore should remedy the situation, some of those affected claim that even that drastic measure can’t make their phones work properly again. Apple has not yet commented on the claims or confirmed that there is a problem with the update.

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  • rosemary neave

    definately having this synch problem – what can we do???

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