Windows Mobile 6.5 screenshots have been doing the rounds on the interwebs this last week, and while we won’t get any more details of what to expect from Windows Mobile 6.5 until Steve Ballmer’s speech at Mobile World Congress later this month, we’ve put on our Sherlock Holmes deerstalkers and pored over the screenshots to work out what they tell us.

From app stores to multi-tab browsing, find out what we’ve uncovered from the Windows Mobile 6.5 shots after the jump!

Microsoft has learned from the Zune
Check out the easy scrolling menu, listing all your apps and media in large fonts – that’s straight from the Zune, and a world away from the mandatory squinting and stylus required to pull anything up on previous Windows Mobile phones.

The Honeycomb menu will make touchscreen simple
The Honeycomb menu interface isn’t as pretty as an iPhone home screen, true, but it looks like Microsoft has struck a perfect balance between looks and functionality. Those hexagons look just the right size for a quick prod to launch, and the half honeycomb at the bottom suggests a tap will bring up the next page of programs.

No multitouch but easy zoom
The scroll bar in one of those shots suggests that there won’t be multitouch built into the platform – probably wise if Microsoft wants to avoid a bloody legal battle with Apple – but if that is a zoom bar, you won’t miss it, as you’ll be able to get up close or far out instantly.

Easy, multi-tab browsing could be on the cards
There’s going to be a dedicated Internet Explorer search page, that much is for sure from these screens. But look closely at the buttons. There’s a magnifying glass, suggesting one touch search, and even more excitingly, an icon suggesting multi-tab browsing. That would put Windows Mobile 6.5 on a par with Palm’s new webOS for the Palm Pre.

Microsoft could be prepping an App Store
The Honeycomb app launcher on Windows Mobile 6.5 looks almost as intuitive as the iPhone interface, but that suggests a bit more to us – if Microsoft is planning on making app installation so easy, it could be because it plans to flog them through an app shop similar to the Apple App Store, Android Market, BlackBerry Storm App Centre or the Palm Pre App Catalogue. That, and Steve Ballmer’s speech for Mobile World Congress next month has already been leaked, with all the details.

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