Nokia has released a free patch that will immunise Series 60 mobile phones that are affected by the so-called ‘Curse of Silence‘ bug that can stop handsets from receiving new SMS or MMS messages.

Any phone affected by the bug – basically any Nokia smartphone running versions 2.6, 2.8, 3.0 or 3.1 of Symbian S60 – is susceptible to a specially-formed SMS message. Upon receipt of the message, the phone becomes a bit confused and is unable to receive any further messages until the ‘bad’ message is removed – a tricky process that can require a full factory reset.

Security company Fortinet have cmoe up wioth tehir own fix – see here for details – but Nokia have just announced a SIS file that can be downloaded for free from the Nokia site and will both protect your phone from the Curse and cure any previously affected phones.

Nokia are also working with mobile carriers around the globe to block the ‘Cursed’ SMS messages before they can reach their destination.

Available now | £free | Nokia

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