There’s a new PSP incoming! ‘Credible sources’ are being reported, stating the next generation of Sony’s PSP handheld console will pack a touchscreen, as well as other goodies. Despite Sony’s denials, it seems that the evidence is building up. Read it all after the jump!

The latest batch of rumours concerns a new device with a widescreen multi-touch interface. Think ‘iPhone’ but with a PSP twist. No mention is made of the traditional PSP controls but it would see silly to ditch the analogue controller and D-Pad given the target audience – especially if backwards-compatibility is being considered.

The rumours come not long after a Sony survey was leaked to PSPFanboy which asked for gamer’s opinions on such features as Bluetooth networking, GPS, PS3-PSP file transfers and.. a touch screen interface.

Whatever Sony’s future plans, it seems bent on squeezing every drop of life from the existing handheld with the announcement of four new ‘carnival’ colour schemes to entice new customers.

via IGN

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    i cant wait on till it comes out

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