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Perhaps taking a tip from Apple, Palm seem to be trying to do everything right with their new Pre handset. The latest add-on to be unveiled is this rather elegant looking spare battery that comes with a minimalist protective cover with an integrated USB charger.

A carrying case that doubles as a charger, or is it the other way around? Either way, Palm have decided to go down the removable battery route (rather than Apple’s ‘take it in to be replaced’ model) and this slimline bit pf plastic will both keep spare batteries safe and sound while on the road and charge them up again once you plug it in via a USB lead.

The USB cable isn’t included, but it is the standard ‘small D’ type and can connect to any PC or Mac to slurp up power and fully charge a battery in around 2-4 hours. Should a USB port be unavailable you could use a Palm charger or in-car cigarette lighter adapter instead.

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